oh… and Lucy turned 2!

Let’s be honest, the second child doesn’t get the same childhood as the first. When Leo turned two he was enrolled in toddler music classes and gymnastics, he had a little playgroup, weekly trips to the zoo or Children’s museum.  The world was his oyster.

I did try to suffer through toddler gymnastics with Lucy but there are only so many times you can sing the ABCs while watching babies attempt to jump on a trampoline before you lose your damn mind, and I have officially reached that point. In Leo’s first two years, I was more of his chauffeur; Lucy is more like my sidekick. I am sure there are huge developmental benefits to in trips to Trader Joes, Target and my gym’s Kids Club. Right?

Leo had a big party for his second birthday, with a ton of other kids and homemade food and decorations. This year I was so exhausted after Leo’s birthday and all of the Kindergarten prep that I declared, “we’re not having a party for Lucy!” Leo started Kindergarten just three days before her birthday and our house is a disaster since we have been childcare-free for over a month now and there are toys everywhere… she isn’t even going to remember her second birthday party, right?

Lenny and I went back and forth over this for weeks- he wanted a party, I wanted cupcakes and candles.  I really think that Lucy would have been fine with either option but we settled on “a little playdate” with a few of her friends. We sent out a Paperless Post with a kitty on it because Lucy loves cats and I ordered a kitty cake from our favorite bakery. That was supposed to be it. But since I can’t leave well enough alone, two days before the playdate I decided that I needed to start crafting kitty stuff like mad. I blame Pinterest.

Kitty cookies, kitty sandwiches, kitty gift bags, kitty bunting…


Happy girl on her birthday!

After Lucy’s birthday it was on to the next challenge: potty training. We use the boot camp method in our house so when Lucy woke up the day after her birthday, all diapers were gone.

It takes a few days for little ones to get that peeing and pooping your pants is not a good idea, even if you’re in the middle of doing something really fun. So after pooping in a friend’s lawn, peeing at the Natural History Museum and few washings of the car seat cover, Lucy has potty training down. Which of course means she is ready for the biggest milestone of toddlerhood! Preschool!


First day of school!

Lucy started last week at the same preschool that Leo attended and she is loving it.  Just like her brother, there are no tears at drop off, only smiles and hugs. Her teachers say she is thrilled with every activity and completely well behaved… if only it was that way at home right?

It seems like Lucy went from a baby to a little girl overnight. A part of me is sad that she is growing up so quickly but a part of me is really excited to see what kind of kid she will be. Will she be a storyteller like her brother? A bookworm like me? At least I know that she is having such a fun time figuring it out right now.





another day in LA, a wet trip to LACMA…

Has everyone heard about the Rain Room by now? I have never experienced such a hyped art installation.  Conceived by a group called Random International, the Rain Room is a sensory art installation that just landed in Los Angeles with a lot of word of mouth and media buzz.  To sum up the rain room, you walk into a room and it’s pouring rain; as you walk through the room the rain continues all around you but you don’t get wet (in theory).

Rain is exciting to us Southern Californians, we don’t see it a lot. Leo is fascinated by rain.  He gets excited by the “rivers” that flow down our street when it’s raining and has already asked for new rain boots for the holidays. Rain is a big deal!  I figured that he would love the Rain Room and purchased tickets the instant they went on sale.

The Rain room is completely black and illuminated by one very strong light that makes the rain look really stunning and your photos Instagram ready.  Leo had a great time because this was his first chance to run around in the rain and I thought it was pretty cool too. I am glad we checked it out but I wish I had a little more info before we went. So to everyone who is planning a trip: here’s what you need to know if you are going to take a little ones to the RAIN ROOM.

  1. Kids under two have to be carried, if you have a feisty one year old (like my little Lucy) they should probably stay home.
  2. You will be in the room with at group of about 12-15 other people.
  3. Per the guard, the installation only “recognizes” 8 people… so if you are bad at counting like I am and you’re the 9th person to walk in, you’re wet.
  4. There is no running around in the rain room, or fast walking, or even really average pace walking or you will get wet.
  5. Just in case your child doesn’t understand walking slowly or counting to eight… bring extra clothes, shoes and socks and a plastic bag for soaked clothing (but leave them in your car because you can’t bring large bags in the rain room)
  6. If you plan on seeing other attractions at the museum, check them out before you hit the rain room just in case any of the above happen to you.

Here are a few snaps form our visit, starting with the initial excitement…

FullSizeRender 6

FullSizeRender 3

FullSizeRender 8

…ending with total wetness.

I hope you all had a lovely weekend.

xoxo, Lisa

potty pride!

OK, so I swore that I would never be one of those parents that was posting stuff on face book or online touting my child’s potty training achievements. Certainly, I am not the type of mother that would post photos of Leo’s poops in the potty and in general I agree with most of the things in this article.
But just in the way that they say that your obnoxious friends who posts about their daily hardcore work outs actually motivate you to work out more, I hope that this motivates someone, anyone really, to try early potty training, because it works.
We did Diaper Free Before Three method and started “practicing” early, around 15 months. We have been down a rough road. We got rid of diapers around 22 months, and the first few weeks were rough! There were a ton of accidents, a lot of resisting, a lot of stress around outings… but those days went by in a blur and here we are will a confident 26 month old who is basically potty trained.
I say “basically” because there are still some accidents during the day and more than I would like at night but we are 90% there at an age when a lot of people haven’t even started trying. Most doctors, including our own, say that boys should start potty training closer to three years old but really don’t seem to have any good reasons as to why. I am here to tell you that you can do it! It may be a lot of work but it’s worth it, not just to save the hassle and expense of diapers but for the confidence it will bring your toddler. I am really proud of my family, especially Leo, for all of our hard work.


you know that you really love someone when…



So this potty training stuff is pretty all-consuming right now. But it’s been going a little better, until last night. Stop reading now if you’re not a parent or a shock comic because you will think I am gross…

Leo exclaimed “poo poo” before bed so I took him to his little potty and sat on the floor across from him. We sat and read books for what seemed like forever. Then he looked up and me and smiled and said “mama” and stood up and gave me a sweet hug around the neck and kiss on the face. “What a sweet boy!” I thought… until I realized that he was taking a giant poop in my lap and peeing all over me…

But instead of throwing up in my mouth like I wanted to, I cleaned it up. Took a quick shower and crawled in his bed with him and read books. When else would you ever be so sweet to someone who just took a giant shit on you?  Oh the joys of motherhood…

what we’ve been up to…

So after a lot of household debate and a heart-to-heart with a teacher at Leo’s future pre-school we realized that our half-ass method of potty training (trying to use the potty and undies at home but diapers out of the house) wasn’t really working and most likely confusing Leo.  So we went diaper-free. Leo will be 2 in 12 days (can you believe it???). As much as I would like him to still be a baby he’s not, so it’s time.

So this week we have spent A LOT of time at home, a lot of time in the bathroom, a lot of time “fussing” (both us and Leo) and a lot of time cleaning up some pretty gross shit. Literally.

The first day we had 10 accidents. Considering that we only have 10 pairs of training undies, it was a rough day. Day two was four accidents and day on three we only had two.  Today it’s not even 10AM and we’ve already had two… It’s A LOT of work.  A lot of “helicopter” parenting, because if I leave him alone for even 5 minutes there could be piss all over my couch.  I understand why people wait until closer to three to potty train, I’m sure this would/could go faster if Leo was better able to communicate.  But in some ways, I know that we are already starting too late as he is already more comfortable going in his diaper.

I have heard that the first three weeks in the worst, and we only have four days under our belts. I know in the end this is what’s best for Leo, but it sucks right now.

IMG_0165He gets his best thinking done on the potty…

potty training…



Leo is starting pre-school in September so the potty training has begun… and let me tell you it’s exhausting. I read Diaper Free Before 3 by Jill M. Lekovic which is a great and brief book that goes over the history of potty training and makes a great case for getting your kid out of diapers as early as one. I highly recommend it if you need some motivation getting started with the whole “potty learning” experience. From then on, you’re on your own because “getting started” is about as far as Leo and I have made it. In the book it all sounds fairly cut and dry, you buy a potty and some training pants and you start sitting your kid on the potty when they wake up, after breakfast, before you go out, after lunch, before nap, after nap, before bath, before bed… oh my, that’s a lot of time of the potty!

Leo goes through phases where he is really into it and he loves to sit on the potty while I read him his potty board books; then sometimes he flat-out refuses to sit on the thing. He’s has a lot of success peeing in the potty and will actually clap for himself and scream “YEAH!” while in the act, which is pretty amusing to watch.

He will only be 25 months old when he starts school and everyone keeps telling me “that’s very young for a boy to potty train” and that it’s “too early” and all kinds of other really encouraging things. At the end of the day, it has to get done eventually so why not try to get it done now.

And yes it’s a lot of work, it is most certainly more work than changing a few diapers a day but Leo is a pretty independent kid and I know in the end he’ll be happier when he doesn’t have to rely on me to go to the potty. So we keep trying.



And seriously, how cute are these little training pants?