baby led weaning update …..

I really wish that Lucy would take a bottle or eat food off a spoon.  This baby led weaning method is incredibly time consuming.  If you missed my last post, the emphasis is on “baby led” with Lucy. It’s her way or no way! Lucy just will not eat food off a spoon or swallow baby food.  No matter how good my spoon airplane noises are, she’s not having it.

It try to give Lucy food two or three times a day now.  Usually at breakfast time, when she wakes up, once after her nap and at dinner time.  This sometimes leads to three baths a day.

I am pretty sure that she will go to college weaned and eating with a fork and knife but right now this OCD mama is having a lot of trouble at mealtimes!

In the meantime, I am working on some baby led weaning recipes for the whole family… coming soon.

Below is Lucy eating meatballs and rice.



does anyone else find baby-led weaning terrifying?

Since Lucy won’t take a bottle and I am her primary food source I had really high hopes for her eating actual food (and me regaining some personal freedom).  I suppose I had unrealistic expectations that she was going to just start eating full meals right off the bat.  Once again, Lucy has decided that she is quite particular about she gets her nutrients.

Little girl is not interested in baby food, i.e. pureed food of any kind.  Or to be clear, she is not interested in anyone feeding her baby food.  She wants to feed herself.  Since she is only 7 months old the act of putting spoon to bowl to mouth is out to reach.  Therefore Lucy pretty much only eats teething biscuits for now.

People keep telling me that for babies like Lucy the baby-led weaning is the way to go.  Essentially, in baby-led weaning approach you skip the puree stage and give your baby actual food and they self feed.  “Give your baby a broccoli floret and let her chew on it!” they say.  I am so worried she is going to choke.

Obviously, you have to sit with your baby the whole time they are eating… but what if Leo needs to go potty or the doorbell rings or the dishwashers starts inexplicably flooding the kitchen and your baby is sitting there with a whole banana and you’re not right there to react in time? I tend to jump to the worse case scenario….

But I guess I am going to try it since it’s probably not good for my child to only eat Baby MumMums. Does anyone have experience with baby-led weaning?  Is it terrifying? What do you feed your baby?  Help a mama out!


The struggle is real…