how this feels

I’ve given myself a few days to mourn. But now I am scared and energized. I have been volunteering night and day for Hillary Clinton over the past few months, organizing local volunteers to phone bank or get on busses to Nevada and Arizona. I worked very hard and my work did not pay off. […]


Leo’s last day of preschool

I remember dropping Leo off for his first day of preschool almost three years ago, he seemed like such a baby.  The playground was filled with veteran preschool parents smiling and greeting teachers and friends after the week-long Summer break… and then there were the newbies like Lenny and myself, unsure of where to put […]


a perfect storm…

  These past few months have been a very busy, and not the busy having fun kind of busy… but the busy with actual things to do busy. Things that I have actually be accountable for to other people kind of things. Taking on more than I can handle is a perpetual flaw of mine. […]