a perfect storm…



These past few months have been a very busy, and not the busy having fun kind of busy… but the busy with actual things to do busy. Things that I have actually be accountable for to other people kind of things. Taking on more than I can handle is a perpetual flaw of mine. This spring I decided to take an extra class in my design program and organize a fundraiser, phone banks and canvass events for a certain Presidential candidate that I am extremely fond of… maybe a little too much.

And then there are the things that you can’t plan for…even just trying to write this blog post has been a four day affair. Between taking our dog to the emergency room for a cut, Leo “borrowing” some of my homework for my drafting class and ripping it, finding a lost neighborhood dog and tracking down her owner, making peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, being on lock down from the Los Angeles Police Department and freaking out (yes, that’s really how I spent an hour Tuesday afternoon)… I really am not sure where the days go.

My children have responded to this busy time in my life with great resistance. Leo has  upped his tantrum game to a new level, combining toddler-like fist swinging and biting with teenage-like rhetoric such as, “I want a new mom” and “I’m running away.” And Lucy is at a point in her life where a lack of constant supervision results in things like pouring a container of goldfish on the floor and stomping on them like Michael Flatley on meth, splashing in the toilet water or eating dog food.  Needless to say the TV is on a lot in our house.

Then there are the things I am supposed to be doing but are just not getting done.  Washing the sheets and towels, grocery shopping and cooking dinners (that aren’t spaghetti and pasta sauce from a jar), daily sand removal from the playroom, remembering to buy more toilet paper… who has time for these things? Certainly not me.

In the past three weeks I wrapped up a ton of events for the California Primary, turned in my final paper for my design history class, completed a MASSIVE drafting project and took a quick trip to Mexico with my family (more on that later), so hopefully this storm cloud of stress and over-commitment will pass soon. Next up I have a mother-son camping trip, potty training Lucy, more volunteer commitments and (eeks!) kindergarten for Leo. When one storm passes, in rolls another.

What are some strategies that have worked for you in balancing commitments? How do you know when you are putting too much on your plate?

xo, Lisa

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