Everyone thinks my daughter is boy…

At least once a day a someone thinks Lucy is a boy.

“How old is he?”

“He’s a cute little guy.”

“Hey little dude!”

It really doesn’t bother me that they think Lucy’s a boy.  I guess I don’t go out of my way to dress her in super-girly clothing.  She spends most afternoons getting dirty at the park so flowery dresses are sort-of out of the question.  I don’t even try to get cute headbands on her anymore, I know that’s a battle I’ll never win. Is it because of her little jeans or the fact that she doesn’t have a ton of hair?

What does bother me is the constant awkward interactions with strangers. Here’s another daily interaction:

“He’s so cute, what’s his name?”


“Oh, oh my. I’m so sorry! Oh course she’s a little girl.”

If I can possibly avoid it, I don’t correct them. I mean, I’m not going to like and say “His name is Lucas.” But sometimes I will answer the the “how old is he?” question with “17 months” instead of “She is 17 months.” (Side note, my husband totally will just roll with it and say, “he’s 17 months.”)

I hate seeing people feel bad. And people feel really bad about this simple misunderstanding for some reason. I always try to smile and say something funny, attempting to alleviate how the other person is feeling.  I see people blush and stammer apologies all the time. It’s not like you just asked me when my baby was due only to find out my baby is almost two years old. By the way, that’s totally happened too, I am less nice to those people.

It’s really not a big deal people! Can we make some sort of agreement that babies are gender-neutral?

IMG_1765 (1)

Little dude on a horse.



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