weekend dinner inspiration from the web…

A lot of post about food, I know! But we all have to eat, right?

The internet can be a dangerous place when it come to recipe inspiration.  You can start out with the best intentions; looking for healthy family-friendly recipes for meals and snacks and end up on Pinterest looking at something like “five-minute cinnamon roll dippers.”

Is anyone else’s Facebook feed filled with those “easy” recipe videos of food that will probably kill you but look AMAZING? I saw one yesterday for a “healthy and hearty potato soup” that called for butter, heavy cream, sour cream, cheddar cheese and bacon. I swear my skinny jeans actually spoke and said, “please don’t make that.”

My point is, the internet is a scary place… but fear not! I have wasted hours of my life trolling the web so you don’t have to. Here are some recipes from a few of my favorite sites for healthy, veggie-filled, family meal inspiration…

dinner inspiration1. Oh She Glows– check out these crispy quinoa cakes, they are a great alternative to a processed veggie burger and can be made bite size for the little ones. The opportunity to experiment with these is endless. Don’t have kale? Use spinach. Don’t have quinoa? Try millet.

2. Vanilla and Bean – Check out this chickpea salad. I went through about a month where I always had this in the fridge.  It’s so easy to make and tasty! It is good on it’s own straight out of a bowl, in a pita or (my favorite) on some Mary’s Gone crackers as a snack.

3. Minimalist Baker–  Confession, I totally cheated when I made these and used a box of Spanish rice pilaf from Whole Foods. But they were still really good! If you aren’t familiar with this site check it out.  Tons of veggie-loaded healthy recipes.  Leo also really loves her chickpea blondies (you read that right).

4. Nourish Atelier– Why didn’t I think of this as a dinner idea already?!?!  Cut up veggies and fruit in pretty strips and have your kids fill up their own spring rolls!  Full confession, I haven’t made this recipe yet but this week I did this with sushi papers, sticky rice, carrots, cucumbers and avocado and the kids loved it.

Happy cooking everyone and have a lovely weekend!


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