Almost Recovered from Halloween…

I know I have said this before, but Halloween with a toddler is more work than an actual job. First you have to figure out your toddlers costume, then you have to convince them that they still want to be that particular costume after you have ordered if off Amazon/Etsy and they change their mind 40 times.  Then you have to explain that it’s not Halloween yet every morning for 30 days in October. It’s exhausting!  I’m finally starting to recover a bit… Here’s a few snaps from the night.

This year Leo invited 4 of his friends and their families to trick or treat at our house. Lenny and I threw a Day of the Dead themed bash, complete with awesome face paint.

Lucy was a strawberry, that’s her favorite fruit.  The hat did not last long.

IMG_0790 2

Leo was a Vampire Bat, they use Zoo-phonics at his preschool and Vampire Bat is the animal for the letter V… such a studious choice.


Lenny and I did Day of the Dead face paint, I think we looked pretty awesome.


Lenny also put A LOT of effort in to decorating the house for Halloween. Our place was SPOOKY!  There were two smoke machines, and LED color changing light, skeletons, gravestones… and I will probably be removing fake spiderwebs from my front entry until next Halloween.IMG_0049

Now I have twenty-one days to plan for Thanksgiving…who planned all of these Holidays anyway and why wasn’t I consulted about spacing them out a little more?

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