happy birthday, sweet girl!

Dear Lucy,

I know that everyone thinks that their baby is the sweetest in the universe… but you really are!  You always have a smile and even a snuggle to share with friends and strangers alike.  I have dubbed your frequent look of elatedness/surprise “Lucy face,” which always lights up the room.

You LOVE to eat. You are such a tiny thing, I am not really sure where you put it all but sometimes you eat a better dinner than your brother, and more variety for sure!  Your favorite thing to eat is watermelon.  You also love quiche, lasagna, bananas and black beans. You still refuse to let us feed you with a spoon so every meal results in bath time, which may be your master plan.  You love your bath: you get at least two a day.  You are starting to splash a lot.

You love music and rocking out to the beat.  You also love books but mostly for turning and chewing on the pages, it’s hard to sit through a whole story without grabbing, I get that.

You laugh when we tickle your feet and especially when we “eat” your belly.  You love to play with your brother, especially all of his cool toys.

Lucy, I love you! Thank you for being our sweet girl!  I can’t wait to watch you grow up.



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