Leo + Cecil

Leo Cecil

Leo announced over a week ago that he was going to be a vegetarian. The kid has always enjoyed eating meat, so I was sort of surprised.  He has a few friends that are vegetarian so I know he has heard the word a lot, but I wasn’t sure that he really knew what it meant.

I think what really motivated him were the chickens at his preschool.  He was eating chicken for dinner and he said something along the lines of “is this like the chickens from school?” I told him yes, and he went on eating. The announcement came the following week.

I am really proud of Leo for sticking to his guns. He seems to be genuinely confused and interested in what comes from an animal and what does not. Now before we eat, he asks me if each item is vegetarian. Last night we had “breakfast for dinner” and he wanted bacon, I told him that bacon wasn’t vegetarian and he was totally fine to go without it.

Lenny and I decided that we would join Leo in his vegetarianism but for a different reason…Cecil the lion.  You’re probably confused, I’ll explain.

If you live in the world or spend any time on the internet… and you’re reading a blog so you probably do… you have heard about Cecil the lion.  An American dentist paid around 50k to visit Zimbabwe and kill a lion; it was a trophy hunt.  The people of Zimbabwe are much less upset than Westerners on Facebook. The internet is calling for the execution of the dentist, bans on hunting, bans on airlines carrying hunts trophies- i.e. dead animals.  Almost every time I log into Facebook or check my inbox there is some petition or call to action for Cecil.  It is gut-wrenching to think about this beautiful lion being killed for sport. I liked, e-signed and shared these petitions, but then it started feeling hypocritical.

41 million cows are killed each year to make food, I don’t feel the same level of outrage over this, but why? I even eat them. Why was I so sick over the death of Cecil but OK with eating meat? Picking and choosing what animals to feel compassion for based on which ones we do and don’t eat seemed unfair.  So like Leo, we stopped eating meat.

We’ve been totally meatless for over two weeks now and I have to say that we don’t miss it a bit, we didn’t eat a whole of of meat to begin with.  I’m trying really hard not to fall into eating a ton of pasta or fake meat and actually increasing our veggie intake.

Stay tuned for some recipes in the coming weeks.

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