Leo is 4!

After Leo’s farm animal themed birthday bash last year, I swore that we weren’t going to have another big party for him. It was all-consuming, exhausting and expensive… but also sort-of the kid’s party of the century.  People are still talking about the spitting llama and the over-heated turkey.

Then Leo started asking about his party… “When’s my birthday? When’s my party?  What kind of party am I going to have?” What really did me in is when he asked for a camping party!  If you know me, you know I love a good party and that I also love planning parties- especially parties with a theme!!! Even our wedding had a theme! (which I guess is normal these days).  So Leo and I started discussing what a camp party would entail… s’mores and tents of course. Leo and I would even get on Pinterest in the afternoons when Lucy was napping to look at ideas for his party. If the kid wants to take an interest in my passions how can I not encourage him??? Next thing you know,  I was convincing my amazingly talented friend Joe to design a logo for Leo’s imaginary summer-camp, calling my favorite bakery to make camp inspired treats and we are throwing another BIG PARTY for Leo. Over 100 guests this year.

Here’s a few photos of the festivities- once again I forgot my camera and my phone was in use for Leo’s party playlist (lots of Katy Perry)- so here are a few of my friends snaps from the day!

We started off the camp theme right away with the email invite…

Leos Birthday 4 for webCamp Leo gift bags with s’mores to go and Camp Leo canteens!   Leo BagsThe Village Bakery went all out this year with camp themed treats. A personal cake for Leo (that he did not want to share this year!), s’mores cupcakes and adorable sugar cookies! They look too pretty to eat but every last one was gobbled up…




We even made a Camp Leo backdrop for the buffet table- are you all camped out yet???


As the adults mingled and munched on yummy potato salad, corn salad and hot dogs and veggie dogs the kids jumped in the bounce house, had their faces painted, made slime and even had a water flight before Leo blew out his four candles…

the birthday boyBounce house fun with friends!
Untitled-1Here’s my favorite shot of the day…. Leo in his “storm super” costume, a gift from his Godmother, helping us clean up after the party.


What a day!  Leo had a great time and he’s already asking “When is it going to be my party again???”

I’m going to give myself a few weeks to recover before I answer that one…

happy camper

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