The end of another (pre) school year…

Leo just completed his second year of pre-school.  For some reason it’s making me super-emotional. I know it’s just the end a school year, not a birthday, not even a pre-school graduation… just another day in June really. But these “milestones” are a time to step back at look at the bigger picture.  There was something about this past year where Leo seemed to grow up all of a sudden.  I look at him now and all the traces of baby are gone from his face… now he is a boy.

Over the past year, Leo has become quite a storyteller, he can tell tall tales about pirates, dinosaurs, and princesses all conceived by his wild imagination. His pre-school teachers were particularly wonderful with helping him express this developing skill. He still loves drawing, he has since he’s been able to hold a crayon, but now his drawings have more complex shapes, faces and bodies; I think his sense of composition and balance are quite advanced (but since I am his mother, I might be a little biased). He can dress himself; usually in pretty embarrassing outfits but he does it all on his own. He is starting to write his name (mostly upside down) and recognize more letters. Today he wanted to try the fire pole at the playground for the first time, he was a little scared the first few times but got the hang of it.  Some of his logic, reasoning and tantrums are still very toddler-esque but I am starting to see that slowly fade away and each week is becoming a little easier. He’s happy, loving and empathic.

These are all big boy things.


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