What we are playing with now…

Now that Leo is (almost) 4 and Lucy is 9 months, we have had to shake up the playroom a little bit. Afternoons of entertaining just Leo used to mean a lot of coloring and crafting but now that Lucy is crawling around and putting EVERYTHING in her mouth so a lot of the tiny toys have disappeared. Some toys went straight into the trash or to Goodwill and others into boxes in the basement for when Lucy is older.  Here are some toys that are working for us now…Toys1. MAGNATILES– These seem like such an investment when you are buying them (and adding to your set) but no regrets here. Leo has played with these a few times a week for over a year and they have held up to being knocked over and stepped on hundreds of times. Lucy loves tapping them together to make music and she is really getting into knocking down Leo’s creations, we try to make a game out of it.

2. ZINGO– OK, this game isn’t totally baby-safe.  The tiles are on the smallish side but not in a totally terrifying choking hazard kind of way. It’s also nice for Leo to have a big boy game that his sister can’t play with, it is helping him learn site words and symbols and also the art of winning and losing graciously. Unlike some other kid’s games, this one makes it fun to put the little tiles back into their holder, so small pieces don’t end up all over the house.

3. PUPPETS– We have all kinds of soft finger and hand puppets and both kids like them.  Specifically when they are on my hands and I am acting silly.

4. DUPLOS– speaking of building toys…forget the fact that all of his friends have real Legos. I am so grateful that I didn’t buy the big boy Legos and have to take them away. Leo can still have fun and make creations with his Duplos and Lucy can happily sit by and chew on a few while her brother builds.

5. COSTUMES– Who doesn’t love dressing up?  Leo can’t get enough of costumes and they are totally baby-safe so when he gets bored and throws them on the floor it’s not a big deal.

6. MUSICAL TOYS– We have had the same little egg shakers, piano, xylophone and drums since Leo was a baby.  He still plays with them and Lucy enjoys a good jam session as well.  It’s a great way for her to interact with her brother and vice versa.

I’m still on the hunt for more big kid toys that aren’t choking hazards but our playroom seems pretty well stocked at the moment. What are your kids playing with?

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