taking the time to just be a mom…

I am not one for resolutions in the new year or at any other time.  I find them hard to keep and ultimately depressing when I fail at them.  But I am all for making changes, and seeing if the changes work for you and then making them part of your life. And I am starting to realize that I need to make a change.

I am sure that I am not the only stay at home mom (or working mom) that feels this way, but recently I feel like I have been so caught up in everything else that I am not spending enough time being a mom. Not enough good uninterrupted time anyways. There is always laundry to be washed, dinner to be made, dishes to be done, bills to be paid, thank you notes to write, beds to be changed, closets to be organized… I could go on and on. It does go on and on.  That’s the thing about a “to do” list, as soon as you have checked off one item, something else needs to be done.

Before I had kids, I thought that my ability to get things done was a positive trait.  I didn’t fluff my clothes thirty times saying that I was going to fold them eventually.  I just folded them.  Go me! Right? But now I constantly find myself leaving the playroom to go change a load of laundry, answer a quick email or prep dinner; sometimes in the middle of a game or puzzle.

I have to realize that there will never be a moment when I say, “Great! The house is immaculate! All of our laundry is don! Dinner’s in the oven! Let’s finally relax and play!”  That’s just not the world that we live in when we have children.  There will inevitably be sand in the entry way (or everywhere), dirty clothes and dishes and many unchecked items on the “to do” list.  So it’s time for me to embrace the mess and move on.

I am going to make an effort to play and chat with Leo before school instead of immediately jumping into emptying the dishwasher.  I am going to read more books to Lucy and sing more songs.  When the buzzer on the dryer goes off, I am going to ignore it and keep on playing.  I know that in 20 years when I look back on these years I probably won’t look back and think of it as a time when all of the laundry was done… so here’s to engaging more with my family in 2015.

This should be an easy change to make.  After all, Who wouldn’t want to play with this little cutie?






  1. Emily

    I’m trying to work on this also and it is tough! As soon as my husband gets home I want to pass the baby off so I can get stuff done, but I have been trying so hard to just let that go so we can have quality family time before the baby is off to bed. I’ve been trying to just do everything I need to when baby is asleep but it’s rough sometimes.

  2. Logsmom

    This was hard for me at first, but it quickly became clear to me that I would much rather hang with Log than do housework. It can wait…

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