our halloween…


Excuse the super-short post but I am exhausted!  I feel like I just ran a marathon. Halloween is a pretty intense time when you have a three year old. It was partly my fault this year, as I started asking Leo what he wanted to be over a month ago… thus making the build-up pretty big.  I just wanted to avoid an 11th hour crafting disaster of a costume.

He fluctuated between dragon and dinosaur for about two weeks before finally settling on dinosaur… I was so happy he didn’t choose something like “spaceship” that isn’t readily available on Amazon.  I made Lucy a little ice-cream cone costume using some felt and a hot glue gun.  It wasn’t the best crafting I have ever done, but for the 15 minutes that she wore it, it did the job!

After a somewhat traumatic trip to Party City, we discovered that most commercially available halloween decorations are too scary for Leo (and me), so we ended up making making these ghosts and putting up a few “spiders” to keep it PG. Lenny and I stayed up past our bedtime hollowing out and carving pumpkins one night last week.

Then it was time for everything else… pumpkin painting with Leo, decorating our car for an event at his school and putting together a pre-trick or treat party for a few of Leo’s buddies and their parents.  I made two lasagnas, garlic bread, pumpkin muffins, along with “ghost” bananas and mandarin orange “pumpkins” for the kids.  The evening ended with an extended toddler candy bender and someone throwing up. Halloween success!

There should be some kind of mandatory spa day for moms on November 1st.



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