mood board monday… newborn essentials

Happy Monday everyone!  I hope you all had a lovely weekend.  I had a great weekend myself attending Blogshop in LA, which is essentially a photoshop bootcamp.   The class was so so fun but it was a rough weekend because Lucy is on a bottle strike and I have a pretty bad cold so we were suffering together, separately…  Despite that, the time flew by as there was so much great info packed into the two day workshop! I hope to show off some of my new skills right here on the blog starting with my first Mood Board Monday post!

With a lot of friends having their first babies and setting up baby registries, I keep getting asked what items they will “need” for their babies.  There are so many baby products from wipe warmers to swaddle sleep sacks and sound machines and night-vision monitors the stuff can get crazy overwhelming!  With Leo, I think we bought one of everything.  The fact of the matter is, you don’t need special baby towels, you can use your bath towels.  Although, the baby versions are pretty cute. They make special pillows for nursing, soap for washing bottles, and bathtubs for babies…  some of these things are nice to have; but really, you can give a baby a bath in the kitchen sink. These are a few things that I just can’t live without.


1. Diapers! Seems obvious doesn’t it?  Well specifically, Honest Diapers.  We love these diapers around here.  Not just because they come in cute patterns but because they are free of diaper-rash inducing chemicals and fragrances.

2. Boba Wrap.  I just got this when Lucy was born and I don’t know how I lived without it with Leo.  We have an Ergo carrier but he was really about 5 or 6 months old before he could sit in there comfortably.  This wrap is so snuggly and warm for baby that Lucy always falls asleep in it which allows me to have two hands free for grocery shopping, picking up Leo from school and even meals out.

3. Stain Spray. With babies come stains; I won’t go into details and gross you out but you will need this for their clothes and yours.  We love this version from Honest because it works great and it’s biodegradable and non-toxic.

4. Carters Swaddle Blankets. I use these for everything but swaddling. We throw these down on the couch or bed before we put Lucy down (supervised of course) to hang out or have tummy time, we use them to keep her warm, to create shade when she is in her stroller . These come in a ton of cute patterns for girls and boys and wash up super-soft.

5. Carters Flannel Lap Pads. OK, so these don’t come in a bunch of cute patterns but we like them anyways!  We always have one of these on the changing pad and a clean one right next to it so we can quickly swap it out instead of changing and washing the big bulky changing pad every time there is a mess on it.  Keep one in your diaper bag and use it as a barrier if there is a mess in the car seat.  Trust me, you will use these things a ton.

6.BABYBJORN BabySitter. OK, if you have little babies like us you will probably have to wait a few weeks to start using this (they say 8 pounds). You need a place to put your baby down while you get s!@t done! We found that this works well with Leo and Lucy.  I think it’s because it bounces with their little movement.  As a bonus, it comes in organic cotton and doesn’t have baby animals all over it.

I know I am leaving out a few big items like a car seat and something for the baby to sleep in but overall, you really don’t need a lot of “baby stuff.” Did I forget something major??? What are you must-have baby items?

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  1. Kathy

    Sounds like your Blog Event was fun and productive. I’ll remind my girls to chime in on what was essential for them when the kids were babies.

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