another day in LA….a day on the farm…

It was pretty boring around here last week.  Lenny was out of town for business so I was home alone for FIVE WHOLE DAYS with two small children.  Needless to say, there were not a lot of fun outings.  Leo went to school every morning and we had friends over to play a few times in the afternoon but we were pretty much confined to his playroom from 1pm until bedtime.

Though his playroom is pretty awesome (more on that later), I think he was starting to go a little stir crazy.  I think even I was starting to go a little stir crazy.  Since my parents were in town this weekend (I had some back-up), I decided to attempt apple picking.  Apple picking in one of those fun Fall activities that you see your friends back East doing in Facebook photos, it looks lovely on the internet but the reality was something entirely different for us.

We made the almost 90 mile drive to Oak Glen, CA to pick apples at Riley’s Los Rios Rancho. The kids were surprisingly good in the car.  Leo was excited and Lucy only screamed her head off for the last 10 miles or so.   Riley’s is a lovely place, with gorgeous views of the mountains and valleys and acres upon acres of apple orchards… and not a cloud in the sky. By the time we arrived in Oak Glen, it was nearly 90 degrees.

We took a quick “hike” up a pathway to one of the many apple orchards and picked red delicious apples.  It was pretty obvious that a few thousand other tourist had been apple picking here before us. As, you can see from the below photo of grandpa trying to hoist Leo up to about 8 feet to grab an apple.  There were a ton of different orchards with many different varieties of apples but due to the extreme heat and Leo’s general lack of interest in farm work we only made it to one.


After about 10 minutes, Leo was like “what next?”  Determined to spend more time at Riley’s than we did driving there, we checked out the petting zoo and the wagon ride.  Leo was into the wagon ride as it was pulled by massive horses… our driver gave us some interesting history on the ranch and fun facts about apple trees along the way. You can’t tell from the below photo but poor Lucy was wailing and came home with a little heat rash (mother of the year).


We wanted to grab some BBQ lunch at the farm (aka gift shop) but the line was insanely long.  They did have a stand that sold roasted sweet corn on the cob, so we grabbed one for Leo before heading out along with some fresh pressed apple cider that was pretty delicious.  Overall, I don’t think I would make another trip out to Riley’s until the weather was cooler and the kids were a little older.

Leo checking out some vintage farm equipment…


Excuse me, now I have to go make apple sauce with the 4 pounds of apple that Leo “picked” because he has decided that he only eats apples in sauce form.

Leo’s shirt by prefresh

Leo’s pants by tucker + tate 

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