leo’s 3rd birthday party!

I can’t believe that my baby is three years old!  This year, we decided to go all out of Leo’s birthday… partly because we are about to ruin his life as he knows in it a few weeks with the addition of his baby sister (I’m kidding- sort of…) but mostly because he deserved a killer party!  Leo has grown into such a kind and caring little boy this year- I wanted him to have a day that was all about his favorite things.

I asked Leo what kind of birthday party he wanted a few months ago and he said “superhero.” So after a few weeks of pinning and planning, I was ready to start crafting!  Leo then said he wanted an “animals” party, and that he wanted “horsies.”  Back to the drawing board.

Leo loves plastic animal figurines- he can spends hours arranging them in lines and rows all over the house. Over the past year, he has acquired quite a collection; he has everything from lions and tigers to elk and bison but he favors his horses.  Based on this info, I started to plan a farm themed party.

I know I have complained about this before, but you can really make yourself a crazy person trying to measure up to parties on Pinterest. This was the first barnyard themed party I stumbled upon and it put me in a panic. At 7 months pregnant would I be able to build a barn out of wood? Did Leo need life-size farm-animal figures at his party? Luckily, I wised up and realized that I couldn’t take on too much DIY in my current state where I feel like a rather large farm animal myself…

I had a giant piece of canvas left over from an unrealized craft project, so I enlisted some friends to help me turn it into a backdrop for “Leo’s farm” party. We spent a few hours painting and that was it for the DIY portion of the party!  I have to say it was well worth the effort and looked awesome!
I used checked tablecloths, bandanas, straw hats and mini hay bales (who knew such a thing existed?) from Oriental Trading to set my farm picnic tables and the buffet. I scattered both with Leo’s favorite Schleich Farm Animal Set that also served as balloon weights and party favors for the kids.IMG_1730
I turned to Etsy for the projects I didn’t think I could take on myself and I could not have been happier with the AWESOME farm animal favor bags made by Hallie at Brass Pepper and the delicious cookies by TSCookies.
IMG_1717Look at that little barn cookie that says “Leo’s Farm,” how awesome is that?

The gift bags were filled with a little Duplo farm animal set and Melissa and Doug farm animal paint with water book.  Are you stick of farm animals yet? I hope not…

My one moment of panic (I swear I had a small contraction) was when the petting zoo we hired for the party called to let me know that their van  had broken down were going to be “late.” Ahh! Kid’s birthday parties are only 2 hours long! How late were they going to be? About 30 minutes into the party the farm animals showed and walked into the party- single file right into their pen- I kid you not! They were adorable, all of the kids loved them. Well, except for Leo who was very curious and happy to stand outside the fence and look at them but did not want to pet a llama or ride a pony. I get it, the real thing is a little more intimidating than the plastic figuring version.
The highlight of the party was the food- we had The Village Bakery make a farm themed buffet with fried chicken (fingers for the kids), cole slaw, pasta salad, potato salad and corn muffins.

When I asked Leo what kind of cake he wanted there was no question… CHOCOLATE! The desserts they made were stunning! They exceeded my wildest Pinterest expectations and Leo LOVED his horse birthday cake!
After he blew out the candles we handed the kids forks and let them have at cake!
Best birthday yet!

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