things not to say to a pregnant woman…


OK, so maybe I am a bit sensitive… but aren’t all pregnant ladies a bit sensitive?  It seems like everything that anyone says to me regarding my size or pregnancy in general is really pissing me off these days.  I mean, I know that I am pregnant.  It hardly seems necessary for everyone to be pointing it out all day long.  What to they expect me to say “Thank you so much!  I had no idea!  I better get to the doctor before I become one of those TLC specials!”  I find that people go out of their way to compliment pregnant women on their appearance…I’m not sure why this is necessary.  I’m carrying a baby, not walking the red carpet at the Oscars- I’m not waiting for every person I encounter to make (an insincere) comment on how I look.  Below are a few examples that have been ticking me off lately…


1.  “You look great!”- What I hear them saying is, “I’m only telling you that you look great because you obviously feel like crap.” I know I don’t look great- the dark circles under my eyes have formed their own dark circles, my face is in a constant grimace from my daily annoyance of heartburn and back pain. I’ve looked better.


2. “You must be due any day now” or “You look ready to pop.”  You might as well say, “You’re the size of a house!” This comment is especially annoying any time before 39 weeks.


3. “You hardly look pregnant at all”-  Well, I guess I like you better than the “ready to pop” guy but what I am hearing is…”You’re obviously pregnant but I’m just tell you this because I have no idea what to say.”


4. You’re so small–  This I think means “Congrats on not getting really fat during your pregnancy!” This is the one that gets me the most these days, because of my gestational diabetes and the fact that I have a small human sitting on my stomach have been on a pretty restrictive diet for the past few months.  So yes, I am “small” compared to my last pregnancy when I was able to enjoy things like milk shakes and carbohydrates but I’m hardly enjoying my new diet.


5. “You don’t look pregnant from the back at all?” This is by far the weirdest compliment I have heard.  WTF? Am I supposed to? Why are you looking at my ass?


Here’s my advice.  If you are compelled to compliment a pregnant woman, trying something like “I love those shoes.” Just to be safe…


Here’s an “artistic” shot of me at 36 weeks.  Not small… and what’s up with my belly button?


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