two months to go… a few things you missed…

It’s been forever since I have done a post… This pregnancy has really taken a lot out of me. After the wave of first trimester nausea, I had a few good weeks…which were quickly followed by a few terrible weeks of what seemed like never ending cold, flu and strep throat thanks to Mr. Leo and his preschool buddies. Now that I am into my third trimester, I am starting to feel a bit better- though I still need the occasional afternoon nap if I can get one.  While I have been busy taking care of myself (and not blogging), here are a few things that you missed…


We took Leo to Disneyland for the first time… because you know, the best way to prepare Leo for the arrival of his baby sister is to spoil him rotten. Just kidding, kind of… but we had a lot of fun and Leo did really well waiting in insanely long lines.  This was almost four months ago and he is still talking about Pirates of the Caribbean and how he met Goofy.


Lenny and I took a babymoon!  Or would it be called a second babymoon? Who cares!  Thank god for grandparents, we were able to get away for four nights and stay at the fabulous Esperanza Resort in Cabo San Lucas.  We really missed Leo but it was great to relax for a few days.  Days were filled with naps, massages and snacks and nights were filled with uninterrupted sleep!  I cannot say enough good things about the resort- attention was paid to every detail from the overall design, the food, the spa…even the bath products were amazing.

Stay tuned over the next few weeks… there is a lot more to catch up on.

xo, Lisa

(written at a cafe while Leo is with a babysitter)

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