Month: March 2014

my pregnancy smoothie…

I have had a really strange relationship with food this pregnancy.  For example, the thought of eating an egg grosses me out yet I can take down half a bowl of Trader Joe’s kimchi. All of my life I have LOVED to cook but now it takes an excruciating amount of effort to boil a […]



If you happen to be one of my (few) followers that I don’t know personally (shout out to my friends in Brazil!), you may have noticed that I haven’t been updating this blog a whole lot and wondering why.  I swear I have a good excuse… We’re having a baby!  Yes, I am pregnant and we’re […]


requiem for a baba…

In general we are pretty good parents. We do a lot of activities with Leo, we make sure he brushes his teeth, gets enough sleep, we read to him alot, etc.- you know the important stuff… However, one area where we have seriously failed is the bottle or “baba” as it is still called around […]