my pregnancy smoothie…

I have had a really strange relationship with food this pregnancy.  For example, the thought of eating an egg grosses me out yet I can take down half a bowl of Trader Joe’s kimchi. All of my life I have LOVED to cook but now it takes an excruciating amount of effort to boil a package of ravioli or heat up a frozen pizza for my boys.  When I was pregnant with Leo I wanted to eat anything and everything but with this one I have to force myself to eat.  The one thing that I am really enjoying this time around is this smoothie.


This recipe started off a Gwyneth Paltrow’s Almond + Kale Smoothie and evolved out of pure laziness when I was too lazy to clean and trim kale and I ran out of dates.  In addition to swapping the kale for banana and the dates for maple syrup I added cinnamon for flavor and walnuts for an added boost of omegas (which are supposed to make my baby smarter, right?).  It’s packed with fiber and healthy fats and taste just like a milk shake. Anyways, I hope you enjoy this smoothie as much as I do…


1/2 of a banana

1 cup almond milk

1 tablespoon of maple syrup (you can use less if your banana is really ripe)

1 tablespoon of coconut oil

1 tablespoon of almond butter

1 handful of walnuts

1 dash of cinnamon

5-10 ice cubes (depending on how slushy you like it)

Put everything in the blender except the ice and give it a good whirl- about a minute in a regular blender or less in a Vitamix.  After everything seems well blended (i.e. you don’t see chunks of banana or walnuts) add the ice and blend until well combined, about one minute.





If you happen to be one of my (few) followers that I don’t know personally (shout out to my friends in Brazil!), you may have noticed that I haven’t been updating this blog a whole lot and wondering why.  I swear I have a good excuse… We’re having a baby!  Yes, I am pregnant and we’re having a baby girl at the end of August.


There seem to be a lot of old wives’ tales and and anticdotal evidence to indicate that carrying a girl is harder than carrying a boy.  I am here to tell you that it’s all TRUE. With Leo I remember feeling a little queasy here and there… with this one I am pretty much always nauseous. I’m over the puking phase finally but I lost 12 pounds in my first trimester!  In my normal not pregnant life it would be virtually impossible for me to lose 12 pounds.

I am also SO TIRED… like fall asleep on the playroom floor when I am supposed to be building a “robot” with Leo tired. Whoops.  Luckily, Leo has been taking 2 hour naps every afternoon, so I have been taking two hour naps every afternoon.

I am finally starting to feel better and eat (more on that next week) and take some time to think about all of the changes that will come with a new baby.  I thought that having a second baby would be easier, as all of the first time parent jitters are gone.  I know how to give a newborn a bath, install a car seat, the signs of a ear infection, etc. But I am finding that there are a whole new set of worries with a second child.

Will having a another baby change my relationship with Leo?  Will I be able to give him the same kind of attention that I do now?  What kind of big brother will he be? Will he be excited to meet his baby sister? Jealous? A little bit of both?  I guess a little bit of anxiety is normal and I am doing my best not worry to much.  I know that the days of my two-hour afternoon naps/cuddle sessions with Leo are numbered so I should enjoy them while they last…

requiem for a baba…

IMG_1230In general we are pretty good parents. We do a lot of activities with Leo, we make sure he brushes his teeth, gets enough sleep, we read to him alot, etc.- you know the important stuff… However, one area where we have seriously failed is the bottle or “baba” as it is still called around here.

The dentist, the doctor, all of the experts say that you need to get your kid off the bottle around one, and no later than 18 months… and here we are at 2 1/2 sucking down liters of milk through a plastic nipple every week.

The problem with the bottle is that it just makes everything so damn easy.  When Leo wakes up from his nap and he’s in a terrible mood, he has his bottle and the problem is solved.  When he wakes up at three in the morning and has a screaming fit, we give him a bottle and he goes back to sleep. The bottle is magic.

I knew that it was time to let it go, so at 2AM when Leo woke up and had a fit for no apparent reason and asked for his beloved baba I said “no.”  That’s not a word that normally gets a great reaction around our house and it was no different on his particular night.  Leo rolled around in our bed like a junkie begging for his bottle for over 2 hours.  It was a constant cry of “Dadeeee, baba pleeeaaase!,” “Mama, baba pleeeaaase,” and “I neeeeed baba” for hours.  At certain points, he even forgot what he wanted and was begging for Yo Gabba Gabba, cheese and sparkling water and all sorts of other random things that would have probably been amusing if it wasn’t almost sunrise.  Eventually, he fell asleep.

And that was the end of it.  He’s mentioned the bottle in passing, but he hasn’t begged for it or protested when I say, “big boys don’t drink from bottles, they drink from cups.” So even though that one night totally sucked, it was worth it to be done with the bottle, once and for all.

Now I just have to worry about that thumb he loves so much…