new year, new… nothing…

Here is the deal, I am not going to have any resolutions this year.  Here’s why… I think I am doing JUST FINE. I was thinking about some of my past resolutions and the motivations behind them, but this year I thought, “eh, why bother?”

Could I work out more?  Probably, but I am a 32 year old mom, it’s not like I am waiting for Victoria’s Secret to come knocking on my door and ask me to model for them. I work out 3 or 4 times a week and that’s good enough.

Could I eat better?  Couldn’t everyone? What’s the fun in that? We don’t really eat fast food, our family has done a great job this past year of not only eating less meat but eating meat more responsibly (grass-fed, hormone and cage free and whatnot).  We eat a lot of veggies and cook at home almost every night so I think we deserve the occasional bacon chocolate chip cookie or butterscotch pot de creme… in fact, maybe we need to indulge a little more around here.

Does my kid watch too much TV? God yes! All of the studies that say that toddlers basically learn nothing from television are probably right but if those scientists knew how much shit I could get done during a 24 minute episode of Yo Gabba Gabba, I’m sure I could bring them over to my side.  We do so many activities with Leo every week that I am sure it cancels out all of the TV time, right?

I could also probably read more, write more, volunteer more, keep in better touch with my family and friends, pay more attention to what is going on in the world, etc. Maybe if I have 20 minutes of free time between playing with Leo, spending time with my husband, running errands, doing laundry, or making dinner, I will do one of these things.  Or I might not, either way,  it’s going to be fine.


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