wild and free…

I haven’t figured out the exact science or phychology behind it, but my son turns into a mad man when he is naked.  Something about letting it all hang out makes him jump a little higher, scream a little louder, and run a little faster.  I guess a lot of toddlers are this way but my little nudist put me through the ringer this morning; it took me 45 minutes to get him dressed for school.

It was the most fun game he had ever played, running frantically around his room and kicking wildly as I tried to cram his foot into the world’s tiniest boxer briefs.  Even the allure of robot underwear wasn’t strong enough to pull him from the naked whirling dervish he was performing on his bed. I literally hold him down while I put on his little underwear, pants and shirt, once clothed the beast was magically tamed and he willingly put on his socks and shoes. We were 20 minutes late to school.

I don’t understand why jumping on the bed naked is more fun than jumping on the bed with pants on, but I guess I am an old body-conscious mom and not a care-free two year old.  I makes me a little sad to think that someday in the not so distant future, Leo will not take tremendous joy in naked jumping parties for one.  So I guess all I can say is “jump on wild man!”

Obviously, there is no photo with this post.


sickness, illness, maladies… call it what you want, it sucks.

I remember when the onset of Winter meant cute jackets, tall boots, and eggnog lattes.  There was the excitement of the holidays, twinkling lights and festive music everywhere you went, and hope for the new year ahead.  This of course was before I had Leo.

Now that I have a child in pre-school, Winter is starting to lose some of it’s magic. This season has thus far brought us pink eye, the flu and the croup (the latter is a nasty cold/cough combo and not a 70s punk band- I know! I was surprised too!).   I’ve been able to break out the cute jackets- mostly just to wear around the house because we’re not supposed to run the heat too much as cold air is good for the croup.  Tall boots are perfect for outings to the pediatrician’s office. And venti eggnog lattes are practically required when you haven’t slept in three days and you have to make a Target run for children’s Motrin.

I guess I knew that starting pre-school would be hard on all of us but for some reason I was more focused on the separation anxiety, which is not existent, and not the various plagues that toddlers share so freely.

So let’s all hope for sickness-free 2014!

World’s germ-iest child.