Do you remember the days when Halloween meant putting on a slutty outfit and going out? The hardest part of the whole night/experience was trying to find a cab home. Oh, those days are so long gone for me!
First, there was trying to pry out of Leo what he wanted to be for Halloween. Since Leo has about 20 words in his vocabulary and I would not accept “poo poo” as an answer, this was quite a process.
Then I had to find a costume for myself as the French maid look of years’ past doesn’t cut it (or even fit) now that I am a mom. So I went to a giant costume emporium in the SF Valley and asked the sales girl if she had a witch costume that wasn’t slutty. She thought. She looked around. “Probably not.” So I will be dressed in somewhat slutty Elvira-esque dress that hopefully Leo (and everyone else) will forget someday soon.

These past few weeks have been an endless Halloween errand- buying “healthy” candy for school and MOMS club related events, joining Costco to purchase said candy, decorating the house, debating if we need a smoke machine for Halloween night (obviously), haunted hayrides, haunted train rides, two trick or treating events down already, seasonal baking… Agh! When is Halloween over?

My little elephant, pre-candy bender…

My little elephant post candy bender. Yup, that’s him passed out on his floor after an epic tantrum….
Is it time for wine yet?


potty pride!

OK, so I swore that I would never be one of those parents that was posting stuff on face book or online touting my child’s potty training achievements. Certainly, I am not the type of mother that would post photos of Leo’s poops in the potty and in general I agree with most of the things in this article.
But just in the way that they say that your obnoxious friends who posts about their daily hardcore work outs actually motivate you to work out more, I hope that this motivates someone, anyone really, to try early potty training, because it works.
We did Diaper Free Before Three method and started “practicing” early, around 15 months. We have been down a rough road. We got rid of diapers around 22 months, and the first few weeks were rough! There were a ton of accidents, a lot of resisting, a lot of stress around outings… but those days went by in a blur and here we are will a confident 26 month old who is basically potty trained.
I say “basically” because there are still some accidents during the day and more than I would like at night but we are 90% there at an age when a lot of people haven’t even started trying. Most doctors, including our own, say that boys should start potty training closer to three years old but really don’t seem to have any good reasons as to why. I am here to tell you that you can do it! It may be a lot of work but it’s worth it, not just to save the hassle and expense of diapers but for the confidence it will bring your toddler. I am really proud of my family, especially Leo, for all of our hard work.