sleeping and not sleeping…mostly not sleeping…



I have a confession to make.  I need sleep. Like 7-8 hours a night. I love sleep. I feel like non-productive waste of space when I don’t get sleep and I am kind of a bitch.  So basically, I have been kind of a bitch for the last two years.  There seems to be a perception that you just “get used to” sleep deprivation when you have kids but I don’t think that I really have… and the past few nights around here have been especially rough.  Leo has an outer ear infection, which it turns out is just as annoying as a your run of the mill inner ear infection.

After a really gross visit to the pediatrician, where they cleaned his ears by scraping out the wax with the world’s tiniest spoon we were prescribed ear drops and television… yes, that’s right, television. It is apparently the only way to make a toddler lay immobile on their side for half an hour while the drops do their magic.  Now we have been actively avoiding television in our house because there seems to be a direct correlation between how much TV Leo watches and his level of brattiness. But yesterday, it was doctor’s orders… I should have known better.

It always seems like daddy, or “da-eeee” as Leo calls him, is the favorite and most needed parent until the sun sets then it’s all “mama, mama, mama,” which is why I am always waking up next to Leo in his big boy bed instead of my own wondering how I got there.  Last night was no different, his television-induced brattiness manifested at just as I was nodding off at 1130PM. He woke up to have a two-hour tantrum about nothing and everything.  He wanted the gate to his room open but he got mad at me when I opened it. He wanted me in his room, but not on his chair. He asked for a bottle, then freaked out when he was presented with it. Finally, he wanted to go downstairs and watch television and as most parents know after midnight you will do just about ANYTHING to get your kid to just go to back to sleep. So at around 12:30, I was sitting on the couch with Leo who was having the time of his life watching a crazy light show on Baby First TV (which is either for babies or adults on LSD at that hour- it’s unclear) when it occurred to me that this was fucking ridiculous! I turned of the TV and took him back to his room kicking and screaming which is what he did for at least another half hour until he finally collapsed out of exhaustion (and I did too) only to be up at 6AM, ready to start his day.

And here I am again, yet another day where I wake up counting the hours until I can go to bed.  There is laundry to do, thank you notes to write, cookies I said I was going to bake, a refrigerator that needs cleaning out, a dentist appointment I have been saying that I would make for about two years, chicken to defrost, errands to run, and on and on and on.  You know what I got done today? None of it.  My accomplishments for the day include constructing an elephant out of play-dough and convincing Leo to eat a banana and a piece of toast. And for today, that’s fine.  Hopefully, tomorrow I can resume being a productive member of society after a great night’s sleep.


At least someone is sleeping around here…






  1. mithriluna

    I remember my husband telling me that the most important things I had to do was to take care of the baby, take a nap when the baby napped, and make dinner. So there were seasons in my life when that was all I did every day. Hang in there.

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