what to do about crocs…

IMG_0587 We have a serious problem in our house.  My son only wants to wear Crocs.  Occasionally, if he is distracted you can get another pair of shoes on him but you can’t let him see his Crocs or he will immediately want to change.  You can get some really funky smelly feet if you wear the same shoes everyday, even if they are made out of dishwasher-safe plastic. Due to this problem, and against my better judgement, I actually bought him more Crocs. So now we are rotating between three pairs; light blue (his favorite and REALLY smelly), green and yellow (for College game day- Go Ducks! and play dates) and navy blue (for special outings and Jewish holidays). I personally, would never wear Crocs, I think they are pretty hideous. I will admit, reluctantly, that they make a lot of sense for little kids.  They are easy to get on and off; Leo can sometimes even do this himself, once and a while on the right feet too. I just don’t know if this is just a phase or if I will be packing up a big box of Crocs for Leo to take to college someday. Or maybe I will have to wean Leo from his Crocs cold-turkey and with much protest…like sleep-training… but for fashion.  I just hope the allure of real shoes is to powerful to resist.  As long as they aren’t my shoes… IMG_0470Excuse the blurry image of Leo in my black wedge sandals…

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