the big day finally came…

Leo finally started school last week!  It seems like we have been building up to this moment for months… touring pre-schools, applications and then finally getting in!  There was lots of work building up to the big day from the careful selection of a lunchbox to placing teeny-tiny “Leo” stickers in all of his teeny-tiny underpants, shorts and shirts. We practiced opening his lunchbox, using the “big” potty, waiving at friends to say (as opposed to a hug and big wet kiss which is Leo’s preferred greeting).  We even took a last minute trip to Santa Barbara to celebrate.

When the big day finally arrived Leo was so excited he woke up at 4AM demanding toast, he finally realized that he had to wait a bit longer for school to start he went back to bed for a few hours. The sun did eventually come up and when he was fed, dressed and ready to go, he carried his lunchbox to the car proudly.  Mom and Dad took him to the playground and introduced him to his new teacher and when it was time for us to say goodbye he started crying, that really sad cry that starts off silent, the kind of cry where you know that your kids is actually really sad and not just about to throw a really big fit because they can… Then Leo realized that he got to stay and play and only Mommy and Daddy had to go and he was fine. That was it, the big day, it came and went without event…


Leo posing with his 20 pound lunchbox on the first day of school.

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