another day in LA, Grand Park…



I have to say one of the best things about raising kids in LA is that there is always something new and awesome to do.   This summer we have been all about downtown LA’s Grand Park! Grand Park is billed as “The Park for Everyone.”   Luckily for us, not everyone knows about it yet and there is always a ton of room to run around in the grass and plenty of shady spots for an afternoon picnic.  I know what you’re thinking… public park, downtown LA, sounds sketchy… it’s not! I promise the place is as clean as a whistle (is that an expression?), even the public restrooms are clean.  I forgot to snap a pic of anything but the fountain but there are great lawns to sit on with awesome hot pink outdoor furniture as well.



It has been HOT this summer and Grand Park has been the perfect place to cool off.  There is a GIANT splash pad that keeps Leo entertained for at least an hour.  And a Starbucks right next to the splash pad in case mommy needs caffeine.


(written while Leo watches Finding Nemo. Hey- stop judging- nobody is perfect!)


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