going nuts…


For some reason I have been really paranoid about giving Leo nuts. It seems like every time you walk into a pre-school or indoor playground you see a warning that you’re in a “tree-nut free zone.” My mind went to all sorts of scary places…giant hives, anaphylactic shock, etc. So we decided to wait until Leo was two to try nuts, not for any real practical reason but because I was irrationally scared.


I gave Leo peanut butter before his two-year check up on Monday and guess what? He hated it!  My husband pointed out that if I gave him JIF, as opposed to the organic unsweetened stuff that I usually buy he may have like it.  But he wasn’t allergic!  So today we took yet another step into the world of tree nuts with my very favorite, hazelnuts in the form of Nutella. And he loved it!



And now we have the whole exciting tree nut kingdom to explore. Almonds, walnuts, pecans…imagine the possibilities.




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