you know that you really love someone when…



So this potty training stuff is pretty all-consuming right now. But it’s been going a little better, until last night. Stop reading now if you’re not a parent or a shock comic because you will think I am gross…

Leo exclaimed “poo poo” before bed so I took him to his little potty and sat on the floor across from him. We sat and read books for what seemed like forever. Then he looked up and me and smiled and said “mama” and stood up and gave me a sweet hug around the neck and kiss on the face. “What a sweet boy!” I thought… until I realized that he was taking a giant poop in my lap and peeing all over me…

But instead of throwing up in my mouth like I wanted to, I cleaned it up. Took a quick shower and crawled in his bed with him and read books. When else would you ever be so sweet to someone who just took a giant shit on you?  Oh the joys of motherhood…


  1. cathymcallister

    Lol…. The completion of your title for me is “when you catch their vomit in your bare hands while leaning back from the passenger seat of a moving vehicle.”

    Stay strong! One day they will be all grown up and you will miss being excreted on…..or not….probably not. 🙂

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