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So after a lot of household debate and a heart-to-heart with a teacher at Leo’s future pre-school we realized that our half-ass method of potty training (trying to use the potty and undies at home but diapers out of the house) wasn’t really working and most likely confusing Leo.  So we went diaper-free. Leo will be 2 in 12 days (can you believe it???). As much as I would like him to still be a baby he’s not, so it’s time.

So this week we have spent A LOT of time at home, a lot of time in the bathroom, a lot of time “fussing” (both us and Leo) and a lot of time cleaning up some pretty gross shit. Literally.

The first day we had 10 accidents. Considering that we only have 10 pairs of training undies, it was a rough day. Day two was four accidents and day on three we only had two.  Today it’s not even 10AM and we’ve already had two… It’s A LOT of work.  A lot of “helicopter” parenting, because if I leave him alone for even 5 minutes there could be piss all over my couch.  I understand why people wait until closer to three to potty train, I’m sure this would/could go faster if Leo was better able to communicate.  But in some ways, I know that we are already starting too late as he is already more comfortable going in his diaper.

I have heard that the first three weeks in the worst, and we only have four days under our belts. I know in the end this is what’s best for Leo, but it sucks right now.

IMG_0165He gets his best thinking done on the potty…


  1. prayteachlove

    Hang in there! Our son was trained (through the night & naps) within 2 weeks. We are currently attempting to potty train our daughter who is 21 months & she’s a bit more…stubborn. :/ they have to use the potty sometime though, right?!

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