another day in LA, the annenberg commmunity beach house…


The idea of a public beach house is so California and pretty awesome.  We spent the day yesterday at the Annenberg Community Beach House in Santa Monica and it did not disappoint. The property was formerly the beach front estate of actress Marion Davies, then a private beach club and now it’s a public “beach house” operated by the city of Santa Monica.  You can make reservations on-line for parking, the pool and even beach cabanas (which are just pop up tents but they provide great shade).

Even though we live in LA we barely go to the beach. It’s such a hassle to drive there, pack a lunch and cooler, bring swim diapers and clothes and regular clothes and then when you get there you have to find parking… you get it.  But the Annenberg Beach House made it really easy for us. Great facilities, clean bathrooms, lots of room for kids to run around, a yummy beach cafe… yeah, I had to shlep towels and 4 changes of clothes for Leo but it was worth it.

IMG_0077When we arrived it was a little chilly- only 73 degrees!  Poor Leo’s teeth were chattering, he’s such a California boy. But it started to warm up pretty quickly and the boys took a dip the the gorgeous pool with an art deco marble mosiac surround. Then Leo hit the splash park which could have been a good hour of entertainment if his lips weren’t turning blue from the cold (though the water was surprisingly warm).


Next we headed down to the beach for some sand castle building…


Followed by a yummy lunch from the beach cafe…


And finally, a walk down to the water.  It was a great day for the whole family.  And well worth the 66 bucks we paid for parking, pool passes and the cabana rental.  Leo was so tuckered out after his beach day that he took a three hour nap! And I was so tuckered out that I joined him.


It was a great way to spend the day…

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