you know we’re on vacation when…

I have to say that our two flights to Cincinnati were kind of amazing. We enticed Leo with the normally forbidden fruits of the iPad and candy. Specifically, downloaded Yo Gabba Gabba and those Pocky chocolate dipped biscuit sticks. Damn, those things are tasty. But I digress…back to our amazing flights. He even slept for two hours on our first flight allowing me to read a book! I mean, how many times have I brought a book on a trip and never even cracked it!

But as usual, the magic quickly faded and here we are with another ear infection… You may recall that the same thing happened on our last vacation (to Palm Springs). I am wondering if we should just start booking our trips based on the locations and hours of supermarket minute clinics and urgent care centers. FML.
I was hoping to have some great posts about the Cincinnati Zoo and Children’s Museum but between Leo’s mood and the weather (it’s been POURING) we didn’t make either of those outings happen… Oh well!

Leo, enjoying terrorizing the aisles at the local pharmacy…

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