not blogging and more not blogging…

Well you may have noticed that I haven’t blogged in a while. Someone, and I won’t name names or point fingers, threw my iPhone one too many times and it did something terrible to all of my photos apps. So I have been living in a photo free world for a week or so. Finally back up and running with a brand new phone today!

I’m am sad that I missed photo ops at our latest trip to the zoo where Leo ate lunch with a gorilla! I mean, there was glass between them but they certainly shared snack time. Also, sad that I missed photo ops at our trip to Grand Park where Leo went CRAZY playing in the fountain for hours.

But now that my technology is all in order we’re off to Ohio for a loooong weekend to visit family. So there will be more not blogging in my immediate future.

Well, we’re having a momentary moment of cool in LA. Actually, I think it might storm but after multiple days for sweat inducing temperatures it feels great. Leo is enjoying the break from the heat too!


(Written while “playing”in the backyard)

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