screen time…


So we all know that kids under two aren’t really supposed to watch television at all, Baby Einstein videos apparently have life-long effects on your child’s attention span, and Sponge Bob will make your child a brat (I am summarizing from a few clinical studies I heard about in passing on NPR). But let’s be honest. Television has a magical effect on children. Leo for instance will sit still for upwards to ten minutes in front of an episode of Yo Gabba Gabba or Sesame Street, allowing me to take a shower, start dinner, etc.



So what is a good balance between limiting screen time and being able to actually get sh*t done? Well I clearly haven’t figured that out because Leo is now watching clips of a Raffi concert from 1985 on YouTube in addition to his daily dose of Elmo.  Most days we keep it to 20-30 minutes but sometimes when we have teething issues, people coming for dinner, a spill to clean up, have to take a shower, you get it… he watches a little more. Is it really so bad?

Is watching TV going to cancel out all of the other stuff we do to stimulate his little brain…the classes, the trips to the zoo, the coloring and painting, the trips to the park?  For being such an affable little red fellow, Elmo sure comes with a lot of guilt.


Damn you television for being so good.




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