board book club, good night, gorilla

IMG_1805Does anyone else have this book? Is your toddler obsessed with it? Can you tell me why? Good Night, Gorilla by Peggy Rathman has made it’s way into our house several times.  We now own three copies, each one is read about 2 or 3 times a day.

Here is the thing about this book.  If you just read it as it is written it is BEYOND boring. There are several pages that don’t even have words. Therefore, you must put in a ton of effort to engage your child in this book.  Frequent ad-libbing is required and you must ask a ton of questions that you already know the answer to like: “Where is the Gorilla?” “Can you find the mouse?” “What does the Lion say?” Quite frankly, it’s gets exhausting after the second or third time though but Leo seems to love it so I will soldier on…

I highly recommend that you purchase this book for new or expectant parents as a gift so that they can suffer as I do…

(written while Leo is with daddy at the train)


One Comment

  1. Valerie

    My kids always loved that book too! 🙂 I liked it when I was feeling creative but not so much when I was already tired! lol

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