garbage trucks!!!

We had a great weekend.  It was HOT in LA. So much for June gloom… The highlight of the weekend for Leo was definitely the Los Angeles Bureau of Sanitation Open House.  Yes, it has come this… we are spending our weekends hanging out at the dump.  Well not really, it was actually pretty cool. If you have a little boy, you probably understand that the allure of the trash truck can be contagious at times.  On trash day Leo likes to stand at the window waiting for one to arrive then scream “YEAH!!!” as they lift the bins. Saturday was his heaven.



They had all sorts of recycling trucks out for the kids to check out.  Leo even got to sit in a few of them.  They even let him honk the horn. You have no idea how sad he was to get out.



In this photo I am pretty sure that Leo thinks he is actually driving the truck, he was not happy with my requests to smile for a photo while he was hard at work. They had free food, free fruit trees, a DJ, and educational booths to teach kids about things like compost and recycling.  Leo even “won” a little trash can.




Leo and his buddy are in hog heaven. I was sweating and ready to go home… but we continued the sweat fest when we got home with some gardening projects.  We planted our new avocado tree!!! Thanks LA Department of Sanitation!  And threw in some tomato plants for good measure.  I will post photos if either one every fruits…









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