another day in LA, friday nights at Barnsdall…

I almost don’t want to post about this because Friday nights at Barnsdall Art Park are so awesome that I don’t want too many more people to know about it.  Parking is already kind of a problem.  Lenny and I really look forward to the summers where we can spend Friday nights with our friends, and their kids at Barnsdall where every week they have wine tastings brought to you by Silverlake Wine (check out this site for tickets). There are great DJs every week and a always a few awesome food trucks in attendance.  Frequently, my absolute favorite truck heirloom LA is there and if you haven’t tried one of their lasagna cupcakes you should get on that.


And if you’re not down with food trucks, bring your own picnic.  We always bring a blanket, balls for the kids, and a few snacks. And not that I am suggesting that you do this because all proceeds from the official wine tasting go to Barnsdall Art Park which is a seriously rad place that offers free art classes for kids, but you can just bring your own picnic and sit outside of the gates if you don’t want to pay for your kids to go to the wine tasting (at a reduced fee).

Despite all of the traffic and smog, LA is kind of a wonderful magical place sometimes. If you can look past the screaming children running around you can almost feel it while sitting on the lawn of Frank Lloyd Wright’s Hollyhock House and watching the sun set over the palm trees in Hollywood from the view on Olive Hill, sipping a glass of wine…


But seriously, don’t even go. Parking is a bitch.

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  1. Barnsdall Friday Night

    Awhhhh you say the nicest things!
    We are very excited to know you enjoy and support the park! Thank you. We love having a fantastic community of folks join us every Friday night.
    We do have to clarify one detail in your discription though… It is actually illegal to bring your own alcohol (including wine) into the park. Anyone caught outside our gated event area with wine is subject to the city law against open containers and can be ticketed or detained by the LAPD at a hefty price. Since that would likely screw up an otherwise great evening, we strongly recommend not even considering taking the risk.
    Thanks again! We hope to see you next week!

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