Month: June 2013


  We had a lovely Father’s Day weekend filled with family, friends and food.  Leo slept through the night in HIS OWN BED several nights in the past week.  We were on top of the world… We are no longer on top of the world as Leo has figured out how to climb out of […]


screen time…

  So we all know that kids under two aren’t really supposed to watch television at all, Baby Einstein videos apparently have life-long effects on your child’s attention span, and Sponge Bob will make your child a brat (I am summarizing from a few clinical studies I heard about in passing on NPR). But let’s […]


garbage trucks!!!

We had a great weekend.  It was HOT in LA. So much for June gloom… The highlight of the weekend for Leo was definitely the Los Angeles Bureau of Sanitation Open House.  Yes, it has come this… we are spending our weekends hanging out at the dump.  Well not really, it was actually pretty cool. […]