how can one little ear be such a big problem…


So I have been off the radar for a week or so. And it’s all because of this ear…



Yes, I am aware that I will probably not will any awards for my ear photo but trying to take a photo of a toddler who is constantly in motion is almost impossible so I had to take this while he was sleeping and it was dark, but judge away…

Anyway, back to the ear.  So Leo wasn’t sleeping well and was generally being all kinds of fussy.  As Leo gets older I am starting to realize that “fussy” is the polite way of calling your kid a brat, but I digress again. So we took him to the doctor and they said he had an ear infection. However, we were just finished with our last two ear infections, were too close to our last round of antibiotics and the he didn’t have a fever or “that bad” of an infection so we had to wait it out.  So basically we went 8 days sleeping in two and three-hour intervals with all of us surviving on Motrin and delivered pizza.  So there wasn’t really any time to blog with all of the complaining Leo and were doing simultaneously. According to the doctor we’re fine again so now that I am almost caught up on my nap time, it’s back to outings and blogging.

(written during naptime)





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