another day in LA, kidspace museum…

We had a rough night in our house.  Leo wanted to party from 2AM to about 6AM. Since Leo’s version of a late night party entails humming the first few chords of “This Old Man” repeatedly for hours while bouncing and rolling around in our bed and then finally passing out, bottle in hand, as the sun comes up- Mom and Dad had to partake in the party too. I was exhausted this morning but determined to do something fun with Leo, so we headed out to the Kidspace Museum in Pasadena, just the two of us.


I love the idea of Kidspace, there are tons of areas for kids to learn about everything from music to science interactively. It’s probably best for kids a few years older than Leo but we still managed to have a fun time.

Kidspace is $10 for admission for everyone, so Leo and I set out on our mission to have $20 worth of fun right away. First we played in the early learning center, which is essentially and indoor playground for children 4 and under.  But unlike some other indoor playgrounds we frequent, this one is filled with beautifully designed wooden furniture and play structures and well-organized toys arranged on shelves Montessori style. Also, there were two people there with rubber gloves vigilantly cleaning the toys, if you’re into that kind of thing. We tried to check out Physics Forest and the Digging Deeper Gallery but there were quite a few field trips with older kids to plow us over.  Also, let’s be real for a second, we should probably master using a fork before introducing concepts like gravitational acceleration and environmental erosion.

IMG_1824Following snack time in the courtyard, we hit the outdoor play area for little ones that has a tiny tricycle course (Leo fell off immediately) and some other stuff for kids to play with including water! Leo’s favorite!

IMG_1829Next we hit outdoor water symphony, where kids can aim mechanical squirt guns at drums to create music and also wet clothing.  I tried to get Leo to move on from this before he was totally soaked but he was having so much fun and he’s getting pretty hard to catch these days… There were all sorts of fun things up the hill from the water symphony that we missed because it was getting close to lunch/naptime and I knew that there was no way that I was going to get Leo past the ground fountains on the way out….


Water fountains just never get old. I really wish I had thought to bring a towel or even an extra set of clothes.


Leo didn’t seem to mind…

Overall, a fun morning but Kidspace will be way more fun when he’s older.

(written during naptime)






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