I have to admit that I have gone downhill fashion-wise since my pre-baby days.  I used to buy cute dry clean only dresses at Barney’s, two sizes smaller that the ones that I wear currently, and now I am more of a cotton kind of girl.  You can’t be too precious about your clothing when you know that it will eventually be covered in sand and boogers.  Luckily Target has some cute stuff at a price point where I won’t cry if Leo forever ruins a pair of shorts with tempera paint (I don’t care what they say, that sh*t does not wash out).

However, I do try to keep Leo looking pretty fashionable most of the time. After all, he is by far my cutest accessory :). But now all that is over because Leo is picking out his own clothes!  For some reason I thought  I had more time for this and that he would start well into his third year. But here at all of 21 months Leo has decided that he is a little fashionista (or would it be fashionisto?).

Being fairly on trend for Spring, Leo is obsessed with stripes, wants to wear them every day. Fine by me! But the kid must be color blind.


I mean, look at how happy he is in his teal striped shirt, navy pants and bright blue (knock-off) crocs worn with socks!  So until I assemble him a new wardrobe in a fully coordinating color palate, don’t judge us.

(written during naptime)

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