Well, if you’re wondering why I haven’t posted for a few days it’s because we went on vacation.  Sounds fun right? Remember, before you had kids and what a vacation was like…  you could pack a sundress, swimsuit and a cover up in a small duffel bag and hit the beach or the desert for a long weekend.  This was not like that at all. Below is an account of our vacation as I remember it, which might be incorrect because I didn’t sleep much….

After months of planning and the strategic search for a Palm Springs rental that could accommodate three couples with toddlers, the big weekend had finally arrived! So we packed up our car with swimsuits, sunscreen, pool noodles, baby floaties, a bubble machine, two gallons of bubbles, sidewalk chalk, crayons, coloring books, small instruments, board books, board games, beach towels, a months worth of snack food, and perhaps a handle of tequilla… you know, the essentials.

Well, in the packing of all of that crap I forgot Leo’s formula.  Mother of the Year! Leo only drinks about 4-6 ounces of formula a night so I didn’t think it was a big deal, we could pick up something else and make do. We bought some Pediasure and he liked it.

The first day was great, Leo had a ball but that night he was a disaster.  Screaming like I’ve never heard, like another kid simultaneously took his favorite pull toy and snack trap away from him then slapped him in the face. It was the worst it has ever been. What could it be? Teething? His top canines are starting to come in so we collectively decided that was it.

Then Lenny and I realized that he didn’t go to the bathroom the day before. Stop reading now if you don’t have kids. So we called the Dr. and informed him of the Pediasure decision, which was apparently a bad one.  He sent me off to the pharmacy for suppositories. I’ll skip the details of what went down after we hung up but let’s just say they worked. But Leo was still FREAKING OUT.

As our friends relaxed poolside with their well-behaved children, we drove 30 miles to Palm Desert to buy Leo’s formula which is incredibly hard to find in general and even harder to find in a valley full of retirees. We got back to the house, Leo had his bottle and some dinner and went to bed, around 11 PM the screaming started again and he had a fever, but it was only 100 so it could still be teething. Right?

The next morning we were shells of our former selves, sleep deprived and delusional. With our eyes sunken from lack of sleep and our skin pale from lack of pool time, we attempted to carry on with our vacation. We figured it had to be teething, so what could we do?

We gave Leo Motrin but he continued to be cranky. So we headed to the E.R. Where after close examination they told us he had and ear infection and put him on antibiotics.  How did I miss this? I figured we should just go home, give up on our last night of vacation and call it quits but we were both too tired to pack and drive and we (hopefully) thought that the medication might kick in. We were so wrong.

After another miserable night filled with screaming, Motrin, Elmo, bunny cookies and more screaming, Leo, Lenny and I were beat and cranky.  Of course that Sunday, the night after our vacation, Leo slept 13 hours (so did we by the way) and went back to his normal bubbly self.

Lenny and I are already planning our next vacation because we desperately need one, hopefully this one we’ll be alone and the grandparents can watch Leo.


  1. adventures

    Oh no 😦 I have heard horror stories from my friends when they took their babies to the beach with them too. It’s so sad. I mean, how in the world do people take such perfect happy kid pictures at the beach when so many people go through this? I have 6 friends that all had to cut their vacations short at the beach due to high fevers or an ear ache 😦 Poor baby. I’m glad he is better now…and you too!

  2. Leanne - The Mommy Radar

    First time reader of your blog. Funny that I should stumble upon this through my wordpress feed because I was just taking a break from researching possible vacation spots with kids. Ugh, it’s just a reminder that my idealistic visions will probably be shattered the moment we pull onto the highway! Glad your Leo is on the mend.

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