best toddler snack ever, i swear…


If you’re one of those people that found this blog by googling something like “best toddler snacks” you’re looking at the picture and saying, “That’s not a snack, that’s a snack trap full of peas. My toddler doesn’t eat vegetables! Quit messing with me!”

Hear me out! Those aren’t just any kind of peas, they are frozen peas! Gross, you say. I agree. But another mom told me this trick and Leo loves them. First, frozen peas are super-sweet. I call them “pea candy,” Leo doesn’t know the difference, he’s 20 months old. Secondly, they are frozen, so they feel great on your toddlers (probably swollen) gums.

Try it now and thank me later.

(written after bed time)


  1. amabatchronicles

    A. My son’s name is Leo too! GREAT name! B. neither of my boys will eat peas……..or any other veggies for that matter. WELL, they will eat iceberg lettuce and cucumbers, so basically they will eat water. I am going to try this because if they hate it and decide to spit them out, at least they will be easy to pick up! Thanks for the tip 😉

  2. Kris

    Michael loved frozen bananas and wash cloths soaked in juice then frozen. Messy, yes but the wash clothes were hands down the best. Tried with D, wash cloths won.

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