make new friends…


I think I have met approximately two million other parents since Leo was born. There are new parents everywhere: parent and me classes, pre-school tours, swim class, gym class, music class, the park, Trader Joe’s… well basically everywhere that we go. And over time, and play dates, friendships form.

Not a ton of our friends have taken the plunge into procreation and there are just some things that your single and non-parent friends don’t want to discuss or just don’t understand, and I get it.  But sometimes you just need to hang out and drink wine with people who are accepting of the fact that you haven’t showered in two days and that you plan your schedule around your kid’s morning poop.  My husband and I are lucky that we have met and made some really great friends since Leo was born, what started out as casual play dates for our kids have become real friendships for us.

While with some of these friends the other night, I realized that the time from birth to kindergarden is a precious time in childhood because you get to pick your kid’s friends! Yes, Leo loves his play dates and all of the fun activities that we do around LA with his playgroup, but it’s also fun for me because I get to hang out with other parents that I really like. I need to remember to enjoy this time, because pretty soon, Leo is going to pick his friends and their parents might suck.

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