board book club, baby talk…

I remember shopping for books as a weepy emotional pregnant lady; buying Leo hard-bound copies of all of my childhood favorites like Goodnight Moon and The Runaway Bunny. Then arranging them lovingly next to small stuffed animals on his bookshelf like something you would see on Pinterest.  Oh, a mother can dream!

I don’t know why no one ever told me that babies and toddlers under no circumstances should be trusted with books with rippable (did I just make that word up?) pages. After the destruction of a few pretty paper pages we learned that board books are where it’s at! Portable, mostly-indestructable and most importantly…tasty.


Here is a vintage shot of Leo around 7 months old being very literary.

So over the next fews months I am going to “review” some of our favorites and share them here with you in our new lovely category “board book club.”


Baby Talk has been one of our favorite books for a while now. Because I am generally forgetful, I can’t remember if this is one of the books that we bought or if it was a gift.  It’s a pretty simple book one page shows an adorable baby and it says something like “this baby is hungy” then you flip the giant flap and it shows the same adorable baby eating and the words “yum yum” in a jumbo font. You get the concept. Leo has loved this book from the beginning, we have probably had it since he was around 8 months old.  At first he just loved looking at all of the other baby faces in the book, a few months later he loved lifting each of the flaps on his own and now he loves saying (his version) of the words on each flap. It’s awesome to see that Leo is actually learning something from all of our reading!

What are your favorite board books?

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