another (rainy) day in LA, under the sea…

So it’s rainy here, and cold.  Well, it’s actually about 65 degrees but that’s cold for April in Los Angeles. Leo has this new thing where he refuses to wear sleeves. This includes long sleeve shirts (unless the sleeves are pushed up and therefore pointless) and jackets.  So the trip to the zoo and train that I had planned for today was not going to work out. Today was going to be an indoor playground kind of day, and since I needed to go to Burbank for something else we went to Under the Sea.


It cost $9 for a visit to Under the Sea, but this trip was free for us as it’s was our seventh visit which is free when you get your rewards card stamped.  Under the Sea is is essentially an ocean-themed plastic jungle. They have plastic kitchens, cars, RVs, houses, slides, caterpillars…you get the point… it’s not as esthetically pleasing as our trip to LACMA.  Along with every Step 2 toy you have ever seen they have a bouncy house and a “fun” house that is basically a raised platform with slides.  The ocean theme is illustrated on the walls with various cartoon-like murals (some with mermaids that could have on a little more clothing in my opinion).


Above is a shot of Leo practicing some distracted driving in a plastic RV. Overall he had a great time but because it was a rainy day it was pretty busy and there was a lot of “sharing” or, let’s be honest, “not sharing” to be done so we only lasted for 90 minutes.  I have to say, it’s a great place for play dates if you want to be able to chat with other moms because the kids are pretty much contained and there isn’t much that they can do to hurt themselves.


So many plastic cars, so little time…We can’t wait for the sun to come out so that we hit the zoo again!

(written during naptime)

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