another day in LA, saturday at LACMA…

After Leo’s long afternoon nap (almost three hours!), we decided to check out LACMA.  They have something called a NEXGEN membership for kids under 18, so Leo gets a free membership until he is 18 and mom or dad gets a free ticket to accompany him.  Pretty awesome.  There are tons of great areas for toddlers to run around at LACMA.  Leo had the most fun at the “spaghetti” installation. He ran into the spaghetti, out of the spaghetti, he pulled on the spaghetti, it whacked him in the face a little- so much fun!

IMG_1637Next we went to the Broad gallery to check out Metropolis II, which is a mind-blowing kinetic sculpture with matchbox cars and trains racing around tracks high and low.  There is something new to look at from every angle.


I must say that the security ropes that they had at this gallery were pretty much begging for toddlers to jump them. Exhibit A, Leo in the Broad.

IMG_1651Leo also had a great time running around the Urban Light exhibit in front of LACMA, at least twenty minutes of fun


Then of course we had snack time, or SNACKMA, as we called it today.


Overall, we had a great time but it was uber-crowed, we’ll probably go back on a weekday soon and do some more exploring.

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