another day in LA, travel town museum

IMG_1594Today we met up with our playgroup at Travel Town in Griffith Park.  Though I can’t say that we learned anything about trains, Leo had a pretty amazing time.  There were several things that impressed me about Travel Town. First, it’s free to get in (you only have to pay for the train ride which is $2.50 per ride- and it goes around twice!). Secondly, the amount of space for toddlers to run around both indoor and out is pretty great. I have to say that having a place for your kid to run freely where you don’t have to worry about cars, bikes, kids on scooters, etc. is pretty great.

The only thing that kind of ticked me off was in the Children’s area of the indoor section they have a little train table to play on with no toy trains and a sign that says “trains are available in our gift shop.” That felt a bit obnoxious to me, thank god Leo can’t read.

There are all sorts of big old looking trains on display.  Leo particularly loved being able to run in between all of the big trains in the “train station” area of the park.

IMG_1592Then we had to leave because Leo found a puddle to jump and subsequently fall in, we drove home in our diaper and went right to sleep after a quick lunch (more on that later).

(written during naptime)

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