and the oscar goes to…


Is it possible for the terrible twos to happen before your kid turns two?  Leo has this new scream, I don’t really know how to describe it other to say that it is very high pitched and very loud and is most commonly accompanied by tears, reckless head banging or foot stomping.  And damn if it isn’t effective.

Yesterday I held him at a dimmer switch in our den for about 45 minutes while he turned a light on and off and on and off and on and off… just to avoid the eventual meltdown that I knew would happen if I put him down.  Raisins for breakfast, lunch and dinner- why not? Anything to avoid that scream. When I said the TV was “sleeping” this morning the scream only had to come out for about 45 seconds before I broke down and tuned on Sesame Street… and Leo just gave me a smug smile as he sat back into the couch to relax with his good friend Elmo.

Score: Toddler 1/Mom 0

(written during naptime)

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