dear mamas, are we trying too hard?

I love something pretty as much as the next girl; the perfect outfit, a beautifully set table, an immaculately styled bookshelf.  I love looking at beautiful things on Pinterest and flipping through pictorials in Vogue and Elle Décor. I am just as guilty of wanting a picture perfect life as the next girl, but with kids, things get messy.  I have accepted that no matter how hard I try my house is going to be slightly sandy, there will be toys scattered in every room and that the mail is going to pile up on the dining room table in favor of trips to the park or zoo.

Today I saw this blog post from 100 layer cakelet and had to wonder if the kids are really enjoying themselves at this party? I mean, look at this dessert table?


My wedding cake wasn’t that nice and my wedding cake was pretty f-ing awesome. Do toddlers appreciate fine calligraphy or paper straws with individually tied ribbons?  Here is a caption from the blog (and forgive me I am new to the whole blogging thing so I am just taking photos of my laptop to share with you here).


“Um, here’s the pony. Actually there were two of them! One for riding and one for braiding/decorating his mane.”

I can’t…

And the meanwhile I am reading this totally stressed out.  What am I going to do for Leo’s second birthday in August? What’s the theme going to be? Should I get a florist? Will Leo try to eat the flowers? Can I address the invites myself or should I hire a professional? Those ponies look really pretty, how do I know that if I rent a pony it’s going to look like that? Could these two year olds actually braid the pony’s mane? Does that seem advanced to anyone else? Should I start crafting now?

And then I remember that my son is terrified of ponies and will be thrilled if we served frozen waffles…

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